LISTEN: Seether Covers Nirvana's Something In The Way'


Something cool from our friends in Seether. A Nirvana cover, anyone?

It's not new, per se. The cover actually dates back to a radio station performance from 2002. But Shaun Morgan's love for Nirvana goes back way further than that. More, from Metal Head Zone:

“I first heard of Nirvana in 1993 because growing up in South Africa, there were sanctions against the country up until ’92, so a lot of American music didn’t make it through to us. But a friend of mine’s parents had been to England and they brought me the CD one day, and there was this naked baby on the front.

I went home and put it on and immediately fell in love with the opening to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and felt this real ethereal visceral rage that was being spoken about for me.

Kurt’s voice, the anger with which he played, the lyrics that he wrote all spoke to me as a teenager, and it was perfectly timed with my teenage self and my father not getting on very well. I felt like Kurt’s music was speaking for me.

I immediately listened to the CD from start to finish, and I think I put it on repeat and it must have played 10 or 12 times ’til I eventually fell asleep that night. The very next day, I went to school, and I asked the kid who gave me the CD if I could keep it for a while. And then I said, ‘OK, now I need to find a guitar.'”

We'll get an official animated video for the cover later today (Tuesday).