LISTEN: The Mariah Carey/Metallica Christmas Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed


It’s the mashup you didn’t know you needed, but will somehow find a way to worm itself into your ear. Mariah Carey meets Metallica, in a Christmas/thrash mashup that only the Internet could conjure.

This is perfect for anyone who’s craving Christmas music, but doesn’t wanna burn out those holiday playlists too early. Especially considering that, according to at least one psychologist, Christmas music too early can be bad news for your mental health.

“You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing. Christmas music is likely to irritate people if it’s played too loudly and too early.”

In somewhat related news, it appears your friends in Metallica have written a lot of material for a new album during this pandemic year. In fact, the band may record new stuff in a bubble, according to Lars.

“I’m not sure – it’s not easy, but we’ve been doing what we can. We’ve been exchanging ideas back and forth. The hardest thing about being in four different spaces is that there’s no software that can have us all play in real-time to reach each other. So I can play something and send it to the next guy and then he can play on it and he can send it to the next guy, or vice-versa, but we can’t play at the same time so it takes the impulsivity and the momentary energy out of the occasion.”

“I’ve talked to some people in technology about how close we are to being able to all play in real-time with each other, but that hasn’t been cracked yet. If it is, we’ll maximize it, but for now, we’re in this bubble for a couple of weeks, and we’re looking forward to seeing if at some point this fall, we can get back into another bubble where we write and play and maybe even record – so we’re looking forward to the possibilities on that one.”