LISTEN: The Musical Debut of Dave Grohl's Daughter, Violet - And It Kicks Ass!


As it turns out, the apple really doesn’t fall from the tree, as the old expression goes. Violet Grohl just released her debut single, ‘Nausea’. And much like her dad, Dave, she knows how to make a killer rock song. 

You could practically hear Dave beaming about it, in an Instagram post about his daughter’s musical debut.

“I picked one of my favorite X songs Nausea from their 1980 debut album, Los Angeles, and forwarded it to Violet, hoping that she would agree to my most impulsive idea.” Grohl wrote on his Instagram story. “Anyone who has ever heard Violet sing knows that she was certainly capable of doing it, but it was just a matter of getting her in front of the microphone to record, something that the two of us had never done before.

It’s a part of the upcoming Dave/Foo documentary, about life on the road for a band. 

And, Violet and Dave will be performing it on Kimmel tonight, alongside some familiar faces. 



Dave continues to be the busiest dude in rock and roll, including dropping new music with Mick Jagger a couple of weeks ago