LOOK: A Blair Witch Video Game? Yes, And It's Out Next Week!


A Blair Witch Video Game?

Did anyone else not know a thing about a Blair Witch video game being made? OI pride myself on having a strong radar, one through which not many big “dude” stories slip past. But I truthfully had no idea, and now I’m pondering buying an Xbox, because this thing’s out in less than ten days. 

Oh, and it’s getting love from critics, too. Here’s a review, with some gameplay footage, and why you might spent a good chunk of your time just trying to pet the dog: http://bit.ly/2KQ2Y7y

Modern Ocean!

My friends at Modern Steak have found their next culinary foray. Seafood!

(you’ll remember their newest location as the old Catch, which was a great seafood restaurant on 8th Ave. This is a cool nod to that, and I’m certain it’ll be delicious. 

Elvis’ Last Motorcycle

And finally, one of Elvis’ prized possessions is about to go up for auction. His last motorbike, which could set a world record, apparently: http://bit.ly/33QDQ9N