LOOK: A Canadian YouTuber Who's Made His Own Functional Light Saber!


This is awesome for a few reasons. First off, it looks dangerous. Second, it’s Canadian. And third and finally, it’s a fully functional light saber. Awesome.

Meet James Hobson, aka “The Hacksmith”, a Canadian YouTuber from Kitchener, Ontario.

And yes, it’ll cut anything.

It probably should. The thing runs at 2,200 C, which Hobson tells CBC,

"That's above the melting point of most metals. It’s pretty dangerous. 

The beam is very straight and narrow, whereas if you were to just light propane on fire, you're going to get a flamethrower effect, like you'd see inside of a barbecue.

But because we're using this very fancy laminar flow nozzle, we're able to get the solid-looking beam of white-hot fire, basically.”

I swear, if high school science had been this awesome, my grades would’ve been MUCH better.