LOOK: A Town In Belgium Accidentally Put Up Christmas Lights That Look...A Bit Dick-ish?


As mentioned in yesterday’s ‘Well, It Could Be Worse’ segment…here’s a great example of how it really could be. At least we don’t live in a town with dick-shaped Christmas lights. That’s the case in Oudenberg, Belgium.



And, as their mayor Anthony Dumarey tells the New York Times, it was an accident…and the lights are there to stay.

“We had the idea of installing candle-shaped lights,” Dumarey said. “Some people see other things.” He said that the display would stay.

By day, the almost six-foot-high installations looked like ordinary columns draped with strings of lights. But lit up at night, they took on a completely new aspect, which Dumarey said took him by surprise. “When the lights are not on, I swear, you cannot see it.”

He even put it on his Facebook page.




🎄 In Oudenburg is er altijd beleving, daarover bestaat geen twijfel. Terwijl maken we onze belofte waar om voor meer...

Posted by Anthony Dumarey on Wednesday, November 18, 2020


So, yeah. It could be worse. Not only do Calgary’s city Christmas last nights not look phallic (unless I’m just not seeing it?), but we’re actually home to some killer residential lights, too. Check out Lighten Up Calgary, for a full guide to the best light displays in and around town.