LOOK: A Winter Jacket Designed To Keep...Burgers Warm?


This is the kind of innovation that gives a guy hope for the future of mankind. Because way too often, the news highlights the kinds of humans that are eating laundry pods, and not the kind that see problems and fix them.

Like the dudes who came up with The Burger Jacket.

It's friday night and you've had some drinks at the local bar. You feel it's time to go home and your stomach is in desperate need of some food. You grab yourself some juicy burgers to keep you warm on the way back, but once home you realise your burgers are ice cold...
Needless to say this was an inmense problem in dire need of solving. So we, three friends with no prior knowledge of the fashion industry, answered the call. How hard could it be to develop a Jacket that keeps you ánd your burgers warm?

Yes, this is a real thing

Three Dutch dudes named Joost, Chris, and Henk. A jacket with eight insulated pockets to keep your burger(s) warm.

What a time to be alive. If you wanna look into a Burger Jacket, they’re not cheap. But, they’re tested at -25, come in multiple colours, and are goose down filled. I’d be lying if I sad I wasn’t thinking about getting one.