LOOK: Calgary's Dog-Friendly Patios, Mapped!


Calgary’s Dog Patios, Mapped

Beauuuuutiful day yesterday, so I did what any logical Calgarian should do with a day so nice. I hit a patio. And odds are you did too, or will soon. And when you do, you might be wondering which ones are cool with your dogs, and which aren’t. Thankfully, Crackmacs did up a map for that: http://bit.ly/2IcEe9L

Spicy Boys 

Before you fully scoff at this, consider the fact that the petition has hundreds of thousands of signatures. There’s a campaign circulating to rename fire ants…to “spicy boys”? Yes, really: http://bit.ly/2ZhvWTF

Look At This Graph!

And finally, this popped up on my Twitter feed again the other day, and that’s reason enough to share it with you. Still one of the greatest pieces of Internet ever.