LOOK: Cheetos Has A Cookbook...And Some Of The Recipes Sound Kinda Delicious


Gotta tell you, I didn’t expect to be blogging about a Cheetos cookbook this week. But then again, I also didn’t expect 2020 to be a year full of things like coronavirus, murder hornets, or Mike Tyson and Vin Diesel making EDM music.

So, let’s dig in. 

The cookbook’s for charity, that’s the first piece of good news. A $35 (or more!) donation to World Central Kitchen gets you a copy, while supplies last. The second bit of good news? They recruited some pretty legit chefs to help them with this, and some of the food does sound pretty tasty. According to Mashed:

“there's a multi-step, surprisingly labor intensive recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes With a Spot of Salad featuring fresh corn, arugula, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes accompanied by panko/polenta/Parmesan/Cheetos-crusted fried green tomatoes with arugula/Parmesan/Cheetos pesto –- sounds pretty over-the-top to us. There are also Flamin' Hot Tamales with lime-pickled onions and lime crema –- here, the Flamin' Hot Cheetos are used to make the masa, which, interestingly enough, is also a technique used to make tamales in jailhouse cuisine. Chester's pals even managed to make their Dangerously Cheesy Mac'n'Cheetos way more complicated and upscale than the Walmart boxed version, calling for three types of cheese (cheddar, fontina, and Parmesan) and two types of Cheetos (Cheddar Jalapeno and White Cheddar Bites), as well as bacon, onions, jalapenos, Dijon mustard, and probably the kitchen sink as well.


For dessert, the Cheetos chefs suggest making the Good, Cheddar, Best Pumpkin Pie. Not only does this recipe incorporate White Cheddar Bites into a graham cracker crust, but it also simmers this same snack in cream and then adds it to the pumpkin filling. My, doesn't that just sound... interesting. Perhaps that's why they suggest it for Friendsgiving, since you might not want to spring it on anyone in your actual family.”

Get your copy of “Bon Appé Cheetos” (yes, really) HERE

And if that’s somehow not enough weird culinary news for you, Mountain Dew announced a cookbook yesterday, too. Can this year just be over already?

Oh, and there’s a second EDM song from Vin, too. WTF?