LOOK: Chris Weidman Shows X-Ray Photos After Successful Surgery On Broken Leg From UFC 261


It was one of the worst injuries in the history of mixed martial arts, and it happened on Saturday night, at UFC 261.

One of only three leg breaks we’ve seen in the UFC, and it was suffered by Chris Weidman. 

Be forewarned, this is really hard to watch.



Thankfully, Chris came through surgery ok, and shared the x-rays to prove it.



And, he appears to be in good spirits, all things considered. 



There’s been kind words sent his way from the MMA community, including the dude whose leg he kicked on Saturday, Uriah Hall.



And, Anderson Silva, who knows this pain all too well, suffering the same injury while in the cage with Weidman, weirdly enough. 



As for his road back? According to Chris, it’s going to be a long one.

“I think it’s gonna be eight weeks until I can walk without crutches and stuff, and drive and all that,” Weidman said. “And then as far as actually training, I don’t know. They said between six and 12 months, I’ll be good to go. I’m trying to find the blessing in disguise, the silver lining of this.

“Honestly, as soon as it happened and I hit the floor and seen what happened to my leg and the pain started hitting me, I was just trying to put my mind on something positive that’s gonna come out of this. Hopefully, something’s gonna come out of this that’s good. But man, this is not fun, I can’t believe it happened.”

Oh, and one more thing. Don’t buy THIS bullshit that Weidman celebrated snapping Silva’s leg in 2013.



Wishing one of the classiest, toughest dudes in the game a speedy recovery.