LOOK: Coolest Teacher Ever Lets A Kid Miss School...For A TOOL Show!


The Coolest Teacher Ever

Not sure when we’ll be handing out the Parent of the Year Awards for 2019, but when we do, this Mom and Dad are nominees, for certain. They asked their son’s teacher if it was cool for their kid to miss a day of class…because father wanted to take son to a TOOL show. Not only did they get him that day off, the teacher will be a nominee at this year’s Badass Teacher of the Year Awards for THIS response: http://bit.ly/2lZ2BPh

Jays Rookies Playing Dress-Up

Toronto Blue Jays fans knew what to expect this season. A need for patience, a lot of promise, a lot of mistakes, more losses than wins, and lots of fun. That’s the neat thing about a team rebuilding, a true silver-lined cloud of there ever was one. Sure, your team isn’t great statistically, but they’re FUN. Fun to watch, low on ego, and fun off of the field, too. So, here’s the Jays rookies getting the proper rookie treatment from the elder statesmen in the clubhouse the other day, which meant playing dress-up: http://bit.ly/2kNelUY

HBO Drops A ‘Watchmen’ Trailer

And finally, HBO just gave us another look at ‘Watchmen’, which looks badass, and premieres next month.