LOOK: Eight French Cities Are Testing Out Jellyfish Radar, Which Tickets Loud Mufflers

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Before we get going, let’s be clear. I’ve got nothing against loud cars. I just don’t love loud cars when the majority of us are sleeping, and obnoxious muffler sounds are careening off of the sides of buildings downtown. 

So with that out of the way, let’s talk about what several cities in France are doing about this same predicament.



It’s also called “jellyfish radar”, apparently. 

More, from New in-24:

This radar, which already exists in the Paris region, in this case the one developed by Bruitparif, includes an acoustic antenna made up of four microphones. Enough to allow the detection of small time shifts when sound arrives, thus sufficient for reconstitute the direction of the dominant noise several times per second. It then becomes possible to assign a noise level to a particular direction in space, and thus to establish its origin. Also having a 360 ° camera, the “jellyfish” can then photograph the license plate of vehicles that exceed the sound limit when crossing it.

Anyway, if any mayoral candidates wanna bring this to Calgary, you’d have my vote. And I’m assuming, a few others.