LOOK: Hockey Fans Are So Bored That They're Comparing Players To Pokemon

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Look, this is a blog for dudes. I’ve been doing it for the better part of a decade now. And because of the target demographic I’m typing to each weekday, a good chunk of the material I put in here is sports oriented. 

But have you tried blogging about sports recently? Save for NFL free agency, there’s sweet f*ck all to talk about. So, here we are. With a blog dedicated to your favourite hockey players…as Pokemon. 



Oh, you thought I was kidding? Nope. The Internet really delivered on this one.



And then, Twitter hockey fans starting chiming in with their own, which did not disappoint.  



And if you think hockey’s the only sport that’s bored, here’s a few more examples. Serge Ibaka, who’s on quarantine, documenting his chores around the house.



Golf fans are making LEGO replicas of Augusta National holes.



And NFL fans are wondering what Tom Brady will look like in various Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms, and using Madden to envision it. 



Please sort out this COVID-19 shit out soon, science. We’re already going crazy.