LOOK: It's A Big Time For Aliens, With Canadian Sightings Up, And US Military Members Speaking Out


If you missed 60 Minutes the other night, don’t worry. So did I. Probably because we’re not 70 years old, and spent our Sunday evening doing something much cooler. And by much cooler, I mean nursing a hangover from too many frosty beverages in the hot sun. 


60 Minutes was actually pretty noteworthy the other, because, well…



Now, if you’re anticipating little green men being interviewed, sorry to disappoint. We’re not there…yet. But what we did get was two pretty credible ex-military folk, sharing a pretty wild story about encountering a UFO.



And they weren’t the only ex-military personnel to share a story on 60 Minutes.



More, from CNN.

While it is certainly premature to speculate as to whether these flying objects come from another world, the US military has recently confirmed the authenticity of several videos and images showing encounters with unidentified flying objects -- fueling questions about what the Pentagon knows about such incidents and others like them.

Next month, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other agencies are scheduled to deliver unclassified reports on UFOs to Congress.

The Department of Defense's watchdog is also set to examine how the Pentagon has handled reports of UFOs. A source with knowledge of the subject matter told CNN earlier this month that there will be more inquiries announced in the near future on how these encounters were handled in recent years.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the Pentagon has to say about the topic in their big report next month, especially after they confirmed this “pyramid-shaped” UFO footage was legit last month.



Probably a decent time to tell you that UFO sightings in Canada were way up last year, according to CTV.

Winnipeg-based Ufology Research released a survey in March that indicated sightings of UFOs across Canada - levitating discs, erratic lights and floating triangular objects - increased by 46 per cent in 2020.

This all feels a lot like the beginning of an X-Files episode, no?