LOOK: Johnny Gaudreau Grew A Beard?


Johnny Hockey Grew A Beard?

Hockey’s very nearly back, and that means your favourite Calgary Flames players have been making their way back to town, too. Including Johnny Gaudreau, who’s back…with a beard?

A Metallica Children’s Book 

If this surprises you, it shouldn’t. Few bands market themselves as well as Metallica, with all kinds of merchandise available, everything from beer, to whiskey, to skateboard decks, to Zippo lighters, and now, to children’s books: http://bit.ly/2m527qW

Probably pairs well with a Metallica lullaby. 

Bam Margera vs Dr.Phil?

And finally, this is what it’s come to for former Bam Margera. The Jackass star is bloated, fighting addiction issues, and on the season premiere of Dr.Phil. Far be it from me to speculate about whether or not a TV doctor is the best thing for a dude like this, with issues like these. You just hope that a dude like this can find his way again.