LOOK: That Time Marilyn Monroe Visited...BANFF?!

Well, this is pretty damn cool. I knew countless celebrities had visited Banff over the years, and rightly so. That’s some world class scenery right in our backyard, you know. What I didn’t know?

That Marilyn Monroe once made her way into our neck of the woods.

It’d seem these are from somewhere around 1953, when Marilyn not only visited, but broke her ankle in our mountains! More, from Daily Mail:

Sporting a broken ankle and crutches, only Marilyn Monroe could make a leg injury look stylish.

The actress posed for the shot on set of the River Of No Return in 1953, wearing a black bikini and one high heel.

But she braves the pain and flashes one of her iconic smiles.

A new book entitled August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos includes 100 shots as well as essays and personal letters from the photographer.

Vachon was given a rare opportunity to photograph the blonde bombshell, who died in 1962, off-duty as she took a few days off due to the injury.

One of the shots of her boyfriend, baseball player Joe DiMaggio is the only time the pair posed for a formal portrait.