LOOK: There's A New South Park Special Coming, Featuring The Boys As Adults?!


A new South Park special, anyone? 'South Park: Post COVID’ drops later this week, on Paramount+ in America, and presumably (hopefully?) on Crave here in Canada. I’ll be following up on that, and will see if I can get confirmation.

It’s all a part of a massive deal that Trey Parker and Matt Stone cut earlier this year, that’ll see us get a bunch of these “movies”, or hour-long specials. More, from Bloomberg:

The creators of “South Park” have signed a new deal with ViacomCBS Inc. that will pay them more than $900 million over the next six years, one of the richest deals in TV history.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone will use the money to make new episodes of “South Park” for Viacom’s Comedy Central network and to create several spinoff movies for the company’s Paramount+ streaming service, the parties said Thursday. Their first project under the new deal will be a movie set in the world of “South Park” that will debut some time before the end of the year.

The deal with Parker and Stone is the clearest sign yet of ViacomCBS’s growing commitment to Paramount+. The streaming service trails the likes of Netflix and Disney+, but has added millions of subscribers since it  rebranded in March. ViacomCBS is looking to the addition of “South Park” movies to accelerate its growth. The series remains the most popular TV show on Comedy Central.

In the meantime, if you haven't, watch the mini-doc on how an average episode of South Park is made. '6 Days To Air', is a pretty cool look at the process behind the show.