LOOK: This Dude Now Holds The Guinness World Record For Body Modifications!

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“Beauty is in the eye when you hold her.” -Ricky, ‘Trailer Park Boys’.

And Ricky’s right, you guys. Maybe this is beautiful to some. To others…it’s a tad bit terrifying. Meet Rolf Buchholz, the dude who now has the Guinness World Record for body modifications.

With 516 of them.

To break things down a little further, that’s 90% of his body tattooed, 453 piercings, horn implants, a split tongue, among other things. WOOF. 

Also, how wild that he didn’t get his first tattoo until he was 40? Crazy.

"A lot people believe I am the Devil...but I don't believe in the Devil.”

You do you, Rolf. 

He’s a very interesting Instagram follow, too.

Alright, that’s enough Internet for today.