LOOK: This Dude Says His Son Found A Bullet In His Flamin' Hot Cheetos


Another week, another case of, “oh shit, look what I found in my food!”.

This time, it’s a bullet, inside of a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, according to TMZ.

From TMZ:

Bow Horn Weasel of Elmo, Montana tells TMZ ... he bought the bag of chips Saturday at a local convenience store and his 6-year-old son broke it open Easter Sunday for a lil spicy chow down.

We're told the boy found the bullet at the bottom of the bag after devouring the chips. The bullet appears to have Hot Cheetos' red coating on it. Bow scoffs at the doubters, saying a bullet didn't just drop out of the sky into the bag ... and don't even get him started with people who think the whole thing is made up.

Bow says he reached out to Frito-Lay on Facebook and also fired off an email. He claims it wasn't long before a company rep reached out with a specialist who told Bow they're taking the matter seriously. Bow says Frito-Lay's sending him a kit for some sort of testing.

Bow says he's not looking for compensation. He just wants Frito-Lay to take a hard look so this thing doesn't ever happen again.

Frito Lay had this to say, to the New York Post

“This situation is highly unusual and troubling, and we have already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause.  We appreciate Mr. Weasel bringing this to our attention and will continue to work with him to resolve this matter,” the company said in an email.

All of this, less than two weeks removed from that dude who allegedly found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch



The update on that saga? We don’t really have one, considering the dude in question hasn’t tweeted a thing since March 24th.



But that might have something to do with the Internet accusing him of being a dirt bag. Anyway, remember to check your food for bullets and shrimp tails today, ok?