LOOK: This Gold Wii Was Gift For Queen Elizabeth...And Now It's Up On eBay!


Remember THQ, the video game company? 

Well, they did some pretty wacky shit to promote stuff. Including make a 24K Gold Nintendo Wii for the Queen. 

Yes, really.

And now, it’s for sale on eBay

More, from CTV.

The special console was made in 2009 by now-defunct hardware brand THQ, the seller, Donny Fillerup, told CNN Thursday.

It was sent to the Queen as a marketing stunt but was rejected by her staff and returned to the company, he said.

THQ later filed for bankruptcy and its hardware stock, including the gold Wii, were bought by a private buyer, added Fillerup, who acquired the console in 2017.

Experts have valued the console at up to $1 million, said Fillerup, 32, who lives in the Netherlands and runs online console database Console Variations.

"I don't want to be that greedy," Fillerup said. He declined to tell CNN how much he paid for the console four years ago.

So far Fillerup has received several five-digit offers, but he is in no rush to sell.

I mean, $300,000 feels like a lot to pay for a solid gold Wii. But what the hell do I know about the value of anything? A meme sold for almost $500K the other day.