LOOK: This Woman Cooks Entire Meals...Using Only Her Mouth!


Today's blog isn't for the weak stomached. Hell, it takes a lot to make me puke, and even I'm having a hard time with these videos.

The "chef" goes by the name of Riva Godfrey. And as you've likely already gathered based upon the title of this blog, yes, she cooks exclusively with her mouth. How gross is that? Well, have a look, ye of strong stomach. 

That was actually one of her more tame tutorials. And, the dude who created this gimmick & YouTube channel, Nathan Ceddia, has chewed up and spit out far grosser video recipes. Before we get to a couple more of those, here's an excerpt from an article the Washington Post wrote about him.

"The video was directed by Nathan Ceddia, a 29-year-old Berlin-based filmmaker from Australia. The viscerality of food is a major theme in his films and photography. Other works include “Man vs. Gut,” juxtaposed images of people messily eating fast food and squishing the pudge on their bellies; a series of photos of women poking retro Jell-O dishes and a man shoving hot dogs into his underwear; “Cake Holes,” a series of bare butts sitting on frosted cakes meant to explore “the strange underbelly of food and eroticism” (it’s also a sexual fetish called “sploshing”); and “The Glorious and the Grotesque,” a series of images of women posing suggestively with dripping foods." 

The full article is HERE, if this has piqued your interest enough to fall further down this absurd rabbit hole, one that makes many of the other dark corners of the Internet look pretty tame and well adjusted. 

And, if you're still reading this and not in the bathroom losing your breakfast/lunch/dinner, sure, we can do a couple more videos.

Beef tartare, anyone?

OH! And with Christmas coming, here's a killer tartare tutorial. 

What a time to be alive. Although, to be fair, the Jackass crew may have something to say about who came up with this idea first.

I'm not proud of this blog.