LOOK: Tony Hawk Collabs With Mercedes-Benz...On A Minivan?


Gotta tell ya, when I heard that Tony Hawk had teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to make a vehicle, I pictured something much, much different. 



A Birdman minivan? Yes, really. Although an electric minivan with a built-in electric longboard is significantly cooler than most soccer practice machines. More, from Futurism.

The EQT, which premiered today, is part of Mercedes’ foray into the all-electric market. The brand is planning to release its flagship sedan, the EQS, some time next year. Early impressions of the EQS were largely positive for its luxurious looks and finishes — and a gigantic 56-inch touchscreen.

A gas-fueled T-Class will come first some time next year, with an all-electric version to follow.

No word, however, on the availability of a Mercedes-made electric longboard. That part, unfortunately, was most likely just a publicity stunt to get people talking about the EQT.

Good on Hawk, I say. If you’ve gotta drive a minivan, might as well be a Beemer, and a cool one at that. Plus, he can still shred, which isn’t bad for a dude who turns 53 this week.