LOOK: You Can Build A Doghouse For Telus Spark's Robo-Dog...And Maybe Get An Hour With It!


We've covered robotic dogs in Dude News before. In case you're unfamiliar, it's technology that's existed for several years, in Boston:

And, of course, in Black Mirror: 

But this? This is much less sinister or terrifying. Little did I know, Telus SPARK has a robot dog! And, your kids can make a Minecraft doghouse for 'Flint', as he's affectionately called, with some pretty cool prizes for the winner. More, from CTV Calgary

On Wednesday, TELUS Spark launched the 'Flint Dream Doghouse Design Competition,' which is open for anyone under 18.

Guests to TELUS Spark can sign up for 30-minute time slots in which they can use the centre's laptops to design the doghouse in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Pictures of the design can then be submitted to staff, who will vote on the winner.

The winning digital design will be turned into a permanent physical home for Flint that will sit inside the science centre.

The winner will also receive a one-hour private “driving lesson” with Flint and an annual TELUS Spark family membership valued at $268.

Love it. And let's agree to never, ever attach firearms to Flint, ok?