Meet “Afghan Trudeau”, Justin’s Reality Star Doppelgänger


Meet “Afghan Trudeau”, Justin’s Reality Star Doppelgänger

…how weird is this? Justin Trudeau’s doppelgänger, on Afghan Star, a singing reality show in Afghanistan. His name is Salam Maftoon, and he’s gained some Internet buzz over the last couple of days, thanks to his uncanny resemblance to our Prime Minister:

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Ray Bourque’s Coming To Red Deer!

…if you’re a Boston Bruins fan, you won’t wanna miss this. The Bruins alumni team is coming to Red Deer, for a charity event on St.Paddy’s weekend. And they’re not sending a team of wash-ups. Ray friggin’ Bourque is coming!

License To Swill 

…and finally, researchers in New Zealand dedicated all kinds of brain power, and have finally managed to confirm what you’ve likely long suspected: that James Bond isn’t just a suave super spy, who’s really great with ladies. James Bond is a drunk: