Meet The MLB Pitcher Who's Got A Secret Life...As A Rodeo Star?


We thought we knew Mason Bumgarner. 

Until last week, when word got out that one of the best pitchers in baseball had a bit of a secret life. No, not a scandal. God knows there’s been enough of that over the last few months in Major League Baseball. 

Turns out, Bumgarner’s adopted a fake name…to be used when he moonlights as a rodeo star.

It gets better. The San Jose Giants (farm squad of Bumgarner’s former team) have decided to embrace the meme, as they say. Have a look at the promotion they’ve got planned for June 5th at the ballpark.

So great. According to the Sports Illustrated, it’s been pretty lucrative for Bumgarner, too. His alter ego won almost $27,000 at a competition in December, the same month that he signed a five year, $85 million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. If you want more of a deep dive into Mason…err Madison’s secret rodeo life, The Athletic has a pretty great story on it. 

Here’s hoping we end up seeing Mason Saunders at a future Calgary Stampede.