Meet Vandalizzed, The Calgary Gamer Who Plays With An Upside Down Controller, ALL THE TIME.


Meet Josh Vandal.

Josh is a Rockaholic, just like you. Listens to CJAY every day, just like you. But, when it comes to video games, Josh is very, very different from you and I.

That’s right, homeboy plays with his controller upside down. Not just on Fridays, or when he’s up against someone he knows he’s gonna smoke. Dude plays with his controller upside down ALL OF THE TIME. Apparently, it’s the only way he knows how. He goes by the name of “Vandalizzed”.

Anyway, the other day, we were talking about Vandalizzed, and his cool gaming gimmick. And that’s when my co-host Jesse did something he does far too often.

He talked some shit he absolutely cannot back up.

So, apparently these two are gonna go head-to-head. Next Friday. In the CJAY Studio. Oh, and they’re gonna raise a bunch of money for the CJAY 92 Kids Fund, too. If you wanna lay some money on Josh, or Jesse, get at them. 

I’ll put $100 on Vandalizzed, for the Kids Fund. 

Crush ‘em, dude. 



• EMAIL 👈🏻🔥 • 👇🏼Brief description of the charity were donating to👇🏼 • The Gerry Forbes Secret Wish program is a year-round effort by CJAY 92 to help Calgarian families with children during times of hardship. The Gerry Forbes Secret Wish is funded by the CJAY 92 Kids Fund through various local charitable initiatives, the generous donations of local companies, and Calgarians. • Thank you guys so much for everything.. Let's make a difference 💪🏻 • • • #vandalizzed #blackops4 #callofduty #secretwish #battleroyale #youtubechannel #forthechildren #livestream #calgary #canada #yyc #ps4 #playstation #canadiangamer #calgarycharity #consolegamer #gamingchannel #instagaming #cjay92rocks #cjay92kidsfund #codbo4 #youtubechannel #firstpersonshooter #twitchchannel #youtube #xbox #codclips #fortnite #nhl20

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