Need Some Cold Weather Comfort Food? Here's A KFC Rice Cooker Hack.


When it’s this cold out, you’re likely in search of comfort food. Forget calorie counting, clean eating, nutrition, or anything like that. I’m talking about the kind of indulgent food that’ll warm you right to your bones. Chilli, lasagna, shepherd’s pie, pizza, etc. 

Well, here’s a new one.

That’s “KFC Rice Cooker Chicken”, and it’s become quite the fad in Japan, I’m told. And as best I can tell, via Google Translate, it’s pretty simple.

1. Grab some KFC chicken, 2-3 pieces. 

2. Toss it in a rice cooker or CrockPot. 

3. Add rice, chicken soup, and a bit of soy sauce. 

4. Cook that sh*t.

5. Remove the bones.

6. Enjoy.

Worth a try, no? According to Japanese news site GetNews

“The chicken has a plump texture, and the rice flavoured with the herbs and spices from the chicken is sublimated to a rich taste. The taste may be slightly different depending on the part that’s cooked together (with the rice).”

If you try this, lemme know how it turns out!

Or, drop off leftovers at CJAY 92 World HQ. 

Or, maybe I’ll just make this at Castle JD tonight. I’m cold, and hungry.