Netflix Is Opening A Canadian Headquarters, And That's A Very Good Thing


Netflix had decided it’s time for a Canadian office.

We want to build on that momentum and make a new home for Netflix in Canada - opening an office and hiring a dedicated content executive to work directly with the Canadian creative community. 

We could only have dreamed in 2012 when our first original production began filming in Ontario (Hemlock Grove) what an important part of our business Canada would become. Since 2017 alone we have spent more than $2.5B CAD on productions in the country. But more than that, we have built relationships with so many talented directors, screenwriters, actors, producers, animators and more.

Canada is an amazingly diverse country and growing our presence locally will help us share more authentically Canadian stories with the world, whether through the development of original content or through co-production and licensing opportunities. As always, the goal is to give our members great choice and control over what they watch. 

We’re excited about what’s to come - in the weeks ahead we’ll be announcing even more exciting news around local projects and relationships, and we can’t wait to open our new Canadian home to our creative partners.

That’s from a blog post from the company’s co-CEO, which you can read HERE. The company says they've spent $2.5 billion in Canada since 2017. And how good is this news for Canadian TV & Film? Well, as Calgary city councillor Jeff Davison pointed our on Twitter the other day, it’s very good…for all kinds of industries.