No Theatres? No Problem. Universal Pictures Is Bringing The Theatre Movies To Your Living Room!


As coronavirus seeps into North American life, we’re looking for any good news we can get at this point. And as much as the circumstances aren’t ideal, this is pretty cool. Movie theatres? They’re a whole lot different in the wake of COVID-19.

And you’ve gotta think, with the way things are going, theatres will be one of the next industries to shut down while we sort this shit out. But it’s not all bad news. Universal Pictures made an unprecedented move yesterday, one that’s gonna bring those flicks currently in theatres into your living room…this weekend.  

There’s a few big ones from Universal right now too, including The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and if you’ve got kids, Trolls World Tour. 

One could/would assume that the other major studios will follow suit, going forward. And you've gotta think that the movie theatre-going experience will always be a thing, even just based upon the nostalgic place it holds in people's hearts. Either way, it's a historic move for the film industry. One thing’s for certain, you’ve gotta step up your home popcorn game. If you don’t have one of these bad boys, get your life together.

Enjoy the quarantine theatre at home this weekend!