PHOTO: Jaromir Jagr Is Still Absolutely JACKED At 47.

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What’s up with our old friend Jaromir Jagr? Oh, not much. Just kicking it in his native Czech Republic, playing in the Czech elite hockey league, AND BEING ABSOLUTELY JACKED. 

Oh, and he’s still pretty good at that hockey thing, too. 

Not bad for a dude Don Cherry once said “doesn’t know how to play hockey”. 

I believe I remember Don calling him, “Mario’s little sister”, but maybe that was just a rumour. Anyway, looks like all is well for Jaromir. Great to see, because as much as his time in Calgary wasn’t super productive from a statical standpoint, his work ethic was well documented. You hope his influence continues to be felt amongst the Flames’ young stars, for years to come. Somewhere, The Travelling Jagrs are all smiling, with grins as big as their mullets.