Remember The Zamboni Driver That Beat The Leafs? He's Getting A Disney Movie

This is awesome. The only thing better than being a Zamboni driver pressed into action, and beating the Toronto Maple Leafs? 

Getting a Disney movie made about it. 

Remember David Ayres?

Yeah, that was a year ago. Feels like ten years ago. Pandemics, man.

Anyway, they're making a movie about it, according to Ayres.

"(CAA) said to me, 'You wouldn't believe the amount of production companies that have come to us already asking to do this film. It's insane,'" Ayres said. "They narrowed it down to 24 at one point, and then we narrowed it down to 12. We listened to 12 pitches from all the different people."

He added: "That's how the whole Disney thing came about. So, we'll see what happens. A little slow now with COVID, but once we get the ball rolling, it'll be fine. Once we start writing it, I think they'll go two years from there."

 And, apparently he has James Corden to thank, of all people. 

A feel-good story feels even better, one year later. Looking forward to the movie, David!