Some Dude's Stomach Made Him Drunk, By Brewing His Carbs Into Booze?


You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you.

Because if a 46 year old man shows up at the hospital, appearing intoxicated, what do staff do? Ascertain that he’s been drinking. In fact, the dude in question had a blood alcohol reading of 200 mg/dL…the equivalent of anywhere from 8-14 drinks. Here’s where it gets complicated. 

He told hospital staff that he hadn’t had a drop of alcohol. 

Obviously, nobody believed him. So, he went on his way. And sure enough, it wasn’t long before he was back at the emergency room, this time with inter-cranial bleeding from a nasty fall…and even worse numbers on the blood alcohol front. 400 mg/dL, aka 16-28 drinks.

Something was up, and sure enough, doctors soon diagnosed homeboy with a pretty rare affliction. Auto-Brewery Syndrome, also known as Gut Fermentation Syndrome. Any carbs he puts into his body? Converted to booze. 

Imagine how frustrating that’d be? You look drunk, you act drunk, your friends/family/coworkers/doctors all presume you’re drunk…but you haven’t had a single drink.

More on this bizarre story, and the full case study doctors did, HERE:

Crazy. Hopefully he's a romantic drunk, like Homer.