The Cocktails You Should (And Shouldn't) Order On A First Date


As it turns out, the drink you order on a first date? It’s important.

Or, at least, that’s what Jack Daniels and OnePoll are trying to tell us. They surveyed 2,000 people, asking them what kind of impression different drinks can make on a first date. Great news for anybody who drinks martinis, Manhattans, or a good Old Fashioned. Bad news for drinkers of Long Island Ice Tea.


Good impression 60%

Bad impression 9%

Old Fashioned

Good impression 43%

Bad impression 14%


Good impression 45%

Bad impression 12%

French 75

Good impression 30%

Bad impression 14%

Tom Collins

Good impression 35%

Bad impression 16%


Good impression 26%

Bad impression 18%


Good impression 41%

Bad impression 19%


Good impression 43%

Bad impression 16%


Good impression 27%

Bad impression 15%

Whiskey sour

Good impression 42%

Bad impression 17%


Good impression 42%

Bad impression 18%

Gin and Tonic

Good impression 46%

Bad impression 17%

Moscow Mule

Good impression 35%

Bad impression 17%

Long Island Iced Tea

Good impression 44%

Bad impression 22%

A couple of other interesting takeaways?

The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jack Daniel’s revealed 62% think a person’s drink of choice says “a lot” about their personality. 

It’s for that reason two in three respondents (65%) think people should order their drink of choice on a first date to showcase who they “really are.”

The results also found that four in five (79%) have a “go-to” drink and it took them three years of experimenting on average to finally find it.

It’s not just about what goes in the drink, though, as 71% say they are experts who know how to prepare their drink “the right way.”

Like dating wasn’t nerve-wracking enough already. I’ve never been more thankful to be out of the game.