The Secret To Beating That Cold/Flu? Whiskey, According To Science


Take Some Whiskey For That Cold/Flu

…January and February are high season for the flu, which is a scary thought, considering how gnarly that November/December flu bug was. So, what’s the secret to warding that off? Whiskey, apparently:

The Enes Kanter Story Is A Crazy One

…I don’t know if you followed the Enes Kanter story this weekend, but it’s pretty nuts. He’s a Turkish basketball player for the New York Knicks. And the Knicks are headed to play in London, but Enes isn’t going. That’s because there’s real concerns that if he does, he could be assassinated:

New Axl, With Looney Tunes

…and finally, this is weird. And, not great. But, probably worth mentioning. New music from Axl Rose, his first in a decade. And he decided to debut it with…Looney Tunes?