The XFL Has Revealed The Eight Teams That'll Kickoff Their First Season


The XFL’s Inaugural Eight

Big day for the XFL yesterday, as they revealed the eight teams that’ll play in the inaugural season next year.

Can’t pick a favourite? Here’s a closer look at each team.

Still can’t pick? FOX Sports will force your hand.

Say what you will about the XFL, this go-around already looks like much less of a joke than their maiden voyage. If you haven’t seen the 30 For 30 episode that ESPN did on it, that’s worth a watch.

Brace Yourselves, PSLs Are Coming

This feels borderline cruel and unusual, sharing this next piece of news on the heels of what may’ve been the last really hot day of summer 2019. Especially with a rainy Thursday on deck today. But, you should probably be forewarned, so here goes. The pumpkin spice latter is back next week:

Porno Boot Camp

And finally, a pretty wild mini-doc from VICE, profiling a woman ho’s running a “porno boot camp” out in Vancouver.