These Dudes Lost Their Sh*t Hearing Phil Collins For The First Time, Now That's Their Full Time Job!


If I asked you who Tim and Fred Williams are, odds are you couldn’t tell me. However, if I asked you if you’d seen the viral video of two dudes hearing Phill Collin’s ‘In The Air Tonight’ for the first time, and subsequently losing their collective shit, you’d probably know what I’m talking about. 

A buddy of mine sent me a Rolling Stone feature on the Williams brothers, who haven’t just gained Internet fame from their Phil Collins video. They’ve been able to quit their jobs, they’re getting endorsement opportunities from companies like Beats By Dre, and they’re a great example of the kind of entertainment people are looking for in 2020. The whole article’s HERE.

Since they went viral in late July, they’ve spent their time reacting to a lot of other popular rock songs from decades past.

And their old reaction videos are pretty great, and have picked up some steam, too.