Thirsty? There's A Bunch Of Calgary Bars Doing Special Cocktails For A LGBTQ+ Charity!


Pride Cocktails For A Great Cause

If you like drinking cocktails and doing good, you can now get both of those things done simultaneously, for the next couple of weeks! Calgary Pride is nearly here, and with it, ‘Shake, Stir and Strainbow’, which has local cocktail joints making special libations, with proceeds to Skipping Stone Foundation, a fantastic local organization that supports LGBTQ youth. Here’s where you can smash delicious drinks:

Why Noel Gallagher Has A Scissor Player

The Gallagher brothers’ disdain for one another knows no bounds, but this next story is pretty ridiculous, even for Liam and Noel. Apparently, Noel hired a new member for his band, strictly to spite Noel. But it’s not a new bassist/drummer/pianist/guitarist/kazooist(is that a word?). Nope, he’s got someone who plays the scissors in the band, just because he knew that would drive Noel crazy:

Aziz’s New Special Is Great

And finally, if you haven’t seen Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special, you’ve gotta. It’s outstanding.