This Is "Liquid Death", Canned Water For Straight Edge Punks!


Meet Liquid Death

What do you do when you’re a straight edge punk who still wants to be able to crush a tallboy at a show? Well, when you’re a former creative director at Netflix, you rally up a bunch of investors and start Liquid Death, canned water for those choosing a life without alcohol. And it’s going quite well, apparently:

Dude’s Giving The Pujols Ball Back

I love a happy ending. Although, this one feels a bit forced. Remember the dude who got Albert Pujols’ 2000th RBI baseball last week? Well, he’s giving it back to Pujols despite leaving the park with it a few days ago, refusing offers to authenticate/purchase it. But, one of his reasons for giving it back? Apparently the Detroit Tigers were treating him, “like a garbage bag”:

Lima’s Crazy KO

And finally, this is as good of a knockout as you’ll ever see. Incredible timing by Bellator fighter Douglas Lima on Saturday night, one of the best fighters not in the UFC.