THIS IS NOT A DRILL! A Saved By The Bell Reunion Is In The Works!


Saved By Bell…Reunion?

Lots of big stories yesterday, but none bigger than our lead one. We’re getting a Saved By the Bell reboot, you guys. It’s all thanks to NBC’s new streaming service, who clearly saw a great way to grab a bunch of new subscribers: 90s nostalgia. Well played, NBC. And if you think you’re stoked, imagine how pumped Dustin Diamond must be! Provided he can get the time off from Taco Bell, that is. Anyway, here’s everything we know so far:

An Offspring Show…Where?

Weird (but cool) news from The Offspring. They’ve booked a concert…inside of a video game?

The Oilers Are Getting ROASTED

And finally, I’m sure the Edmonton Oilers meant (kind of?) well with their latest promotion(s)…

But, fans are eating them alive over it, on social media. 

Yikes. I guess missing the playoffs for twelve of the last thirteen years doesn’t inspire a lot of faith and/or understanding.