This Video Of Tesla Cameras Catching People Keying Cars Is SO Satisfying.


I mean, you’ve gotta be a real dick.

That’s the kind of person that keys a car. A dick. The good news? Teslas are really smart cars, with all sorts of cameras. The kinds of cameras that catch the kind of dicks that do those kinds of dick moves. 

And before you go ahead and assume that this is the kind of dick move that would only happen in America, think again. It happened at a Park N Ride station in Edmonton the other day, apparently. 

I’d be willing to bet that other vehicle manufacturers are seeing this and starting to ponder following Tesla’s lead, when it comes to cameras. In the meantime, you can’t take dickheads out of the world, but at least Tesla is keeping them honest. It led to a recent arrest (and prior public shaming!) in Colorado!

PSA: don't be a car-keyind dick, ok?