UFC 254 Is Finally Here, With A Special Start Time Tomorrow!


Oh dang, it’s finally here. Tomorrow, the long awaited return of Khabib Nurmagomedov, to the UFC octagon, on Fight Island in Abu Dahbi. And his opponent? A killer, who’s likely The Eagle’s toughest opponent to date.

Seriously, Justin Gaethje is no joke. He’s got great takedown defence, and dynamite in his fists.



Khabib makes his return with a heavy heart, having lost his father during the pandemic. 



If Nurmagomedov wins? Apparently, one more fight, in hopes he’ll retire with a perfect record of 30-0. And that last scrap might be against someone we all know and love.



And if somehow, all of that didn’t amply hype you, perhaps the full UFC Countdown episode will.

Don’t forget, it’s an early start tomorrow, too. Can’t f***ing wait.