VIDEO: Somebody Condensed Disney's The Mighty Ducks Into 60 Seconds!


Before anyone ridicules me for “wasting their time”, or encourages me to “stick to actual news”, allow me to remind you of two things. Firstly, this is my blog. I decide what’s news and what isn’t! Second, ESPN dedicated a post to this very subject (and anniversary!) yesterday, so don’t tell me it isn’t sports news. 

The Mighty Ducks turned 27 yesterday, and odds are, that made you feel older than dirt. Likely, because you are. I am, too. In fact, yesterday was a stark reminder that the fond memory I carry of my father making a homemade VHS copy of this movie (recorded from the Family Channel!) was actually a very, very long time ago. Dad even paused the recording during commercials, to make the whole thing seamless. What a beauty!

Anyway, the reason I dredge all of this up, and make you feel incredibly old, is because some dude on Twitter condensed the entire movie into 60 seconds, and it’s awesome. And hilarious. And, it’ll make you wanna binge watch all of the Mighty Ducks trilogy this weekend. 

Yes, I’ll let you borrow my DVDs.

Of course, the memory gets a bit bittersweet, when you realize a reunion isn’t much of a reality in 2019, outside of these half-assed attempts at it. 

Here’s hoping there’s some truth to the rumours that Disney will revive this franchise with their new streaming service. 

Just don’t screw it up, cake eaters.