Wait, Have We Been Eating Chocolate Bars Wrong This Entire Time?


But What If We’ve Been Eating Chocolate Bars All Wrong?

I’m not confirming this, because I haven’t tried it..yet. I’m gonna. And, I’m curious to see if it is in fact a game changer. Maybe, just maybe, you and I have been eating chocolate bars wrong, this whole time: http://bit.ly/2moNY8l

Here's How To Party For Grey Cup

Grey Cup is a lot closer than you’re likely realizing. Like, only two months away. And with one of Canada’s biggest parties descending upon our fair city, it’s our duty to prepare accordingly. Here's what’s up for Grey Cup Festival: http://bit.ly/2m1qANM

Revisiting That Big, Empty Mall

And finally, one year ago, my buddy Jeremey Dirom hit up that big, empty mall just outside of Calgary, to see just how big and empty it was. 

So, what’s the mall look like one year later? Like a good vlogger, Jeremey hit New Horizons for some follow-up journalism.