Wanna Be A Virtual NBA Fan? Easier Said Than Done. Here's How To Try...


The more NBA bubble basketball I watch, the more I want in. Especially after this look at what being a virtual fan entails. 



So, I started looking into it. It’s complicated. But, here’s what we’ve managed to find out. 

First, you’ll need Microsoft Teams. It’s a group chatting service, not unlike Zoom, that’s become much more popular for the purposes of sports, business, and just trying to stay connected during a pandemic.  

Now this is the part where I remind you not to get your hopes up. There’s only 320 “seats” available per game. And it sure sounds like a lot of the spots for Toronto Raptors games are going to family members, VIPS, and people who know people at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

But you might not be completely up Shit Creek without a paddling apparatus, friend. The NBA’s got a list of steps on how to get yourself into a virtual waiting room, right HERE.

Oh, and there’s a few ground rules

  • No more than one person in a virtual seat.
  • No offensive behavior or language
  • No signs or inappropriate messaging
  • No distribution of game data or other content

Michelob Ultra’s got a contest running for virtual tickets to the NBA Finals, only problem for us Canadians is, it’s only open to US residents. 



Anyway, if you’ve got a webcam, microphone, some spare time, Microsoft Teams, and some good luck (or a connection), maybe you’ll find yourself in the virtual stands, beside someone like Weezy.