WATCH: All Hell Breaks Loose, With A Battle of Alberta Goalie Scrap!


SURELY you’ve seen this by now. But, on the off chance that you’re reading this on your first day out from beneath a sizeable rock, let’s get you caught up. 

The Battle of Alberta? Yeah, It keeps getting crazier. The best this rivalry’s been in decades. And on Saturday, that meant the tendies getting into it.

It was bedlam at the Dome. 

It was bedlam online. 

It was the first goalie fight in the history of the Battle of Alberta, and the first full-blown brawl between two goaltenders since Ray Emery and Braden Holtby got friendly, seven years ago. 

11 goals, 102 penalty minutes, two fights, and two goalie ejections. These two teams will link up on April 4th, the last game of the regular season. But the question everyone’s asking?



We can only hope.