WATCH: Bored? Lonely? These Australian Zoos Are Live Streaming Their Animals!


As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog (which featured NHL players as Pokemon, WTF?), these are strange, boring times, friends. Odds are, you could use a distraction. And the Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo in Australia have exactly what you need.

Whether you’re self-isolating at home, bored…or you’re working, either remotely, or at the office/site. Odds are you could/should spare a few minutes for some animals. That’s why these zoos have set up live cams, 24/7, for anyone who needs an escape.

With Calgary’s Zoo currently closed to the public, this is a nice way to check out for a little bit. As of right now, both zoos are still open. Although, I am writing this on a Thursday afternoon, and things are changing every minute, it seems. For more on #AnimalsAtHome, you can hit up their website, and maybe donate a couple of bucks.

I should probably warn you, live animal cams are a pretty dangerous rabbit hole to fall down, pardon the pun. There’s lots, featuring all kinds of critters, all over the world.

Come to think of it, maybe I should set up a live camera on Jesse. Proceeds to the CJAY92 Kids Fund, and you’d finally get to see just how much of a mess he makes while eating ravioli at 6 AM in the studio.