WATCH: Bored MLB Players Play A Sandlot-Style Pickup Game, For A Great Cause!


It hasn’t even been a week without professional sports in our lives, and sports fans are bored. And apparently, so are the athletes. In case you needed proof of that, here’s a bunch of them playing a Sandlot-style game the other day.

Trevor Bauer, Derek Dietrich, Tommy Pham, Chris Archer, and others, armed with wiffle balls, a tiny field, and no gloves. Pretty cool scene. And what’s even cooler? A pickup game born out of boredom and restlessness managed to raise some money for a worthy cause: baseball ballpark staffers who won’t be getting pay checks for the foreseeable future. 

Sure would be cool to see something like this happen locally, especially with the Calgary Flames rendered inactive right now, and CSEC not planning to pay its arena staffers.  

A bunch of Flames playing shinny in an ampty rink? I'd watch, especially for a good cause. A GoFundMe organized by a Flames season ticket holder has already raised over $50,000, and was the story of the weekend, with Milan Lucic, Sean Monahan, Sam Bennett, and many other players chipping in. 

Anyway, back to baseball. If you’re as bored as MLB players already, why not jump onto a video game console and pass some time by beaning the Houston Astros? The latest edition of MLB:The Show dropped late last week, and the Internet is having a field day with that.

Or, you know, just set up a home gym, like Serge Ibaka, one of the Toronto Raptors on a 14 day quarantine.