WATCH: Bored Sports Broadcaster Does Play-By-Play Of Everyday Things


Our boredom is no secret at this point. If you need any proof of it, just review a few of my blogs from last week. But funny things happen when the Internet gets cooped up and a bit squirrelly. Case in point, Nick Heath, a dude who’s currently not working, so he’s given himself a new gig. Doing play-by-play commentary of everyday shit.

Like clothes shopping.



Dogs running in the park.



Dogs walking in the park.



People crossing the street.



And Moms pushing strollers.



As mentioned, this is just an everyday dude trying to keep busy and provide his fellow self-isolating humans with some entertainment. So, buy him a coffee, if you can.



Good on you, Nick Heath. You're the kind of entertainment we need right now.