WATCH: Crazy Wind Blows A Semi Off Of The Road!


How windy was it yesterday? And how terrible were the roads? This bad, apparently.

More from CTV:

Mark Anthony Malinab — who posts videos to his YouTube page titled Pinoy Trucker and has nearly 80,000 subscribers — was headed from Winnipeg to B.C. carrying a load of meat when the crash happened just after 7 a.m. near Range Road 204.

Malinab said two semis were parked in the far right westbound lane of Highway 1, so he moved to the centre lane to pass them.

As he did that, another truck was also approaching from behind, said Malinab. That truck also moved over one lane, and ended up flipping onto its side as it passed Malinab's truck, which was caught on camera by the GoPro mounted to his head.

"Instead of hitting me in the back he decided to ditch the truck," he said.

Malinab then jumped out of his truck and ran to help the other driver, who wasn't seriously hurt and managed to climb out on his own.

Malinab believes the truck that flipped was carrying a load of live chickens.

Crazy stuff.

And here in Calgary? The wind was moving park benches, knocked over fences, and had Kevin Stanfield playing “Where’s My Trash Can?” on TV.


The wind last night was so great it blew down a part of my neighbours fence from r/Calgary