WATCH: Dropkick Murphys Live Stream Their Charity Show At Fenway Park!


Something pretty cool happened at Fenway Park this weekend. Granted, normally if I typed something like that in early June, we’d be talking about a spectacular catch, a dramatic home run, or a badass bench-clearing brawl between the Red Sox and Yankees.

But instead, in the absence of sports, the Dropkick Murphys decided to take over Fenway, with some help from a guy named Bruce Springsteen, and raise a bunch of money for the fight against COVID-19.

In total, over $110,000 raised. And, a killer setlist to go with it. 

1. "The Boys Are Back"

2. "The State of Massachusetts"

3. "Captain Kelly's Kitchen"

4. "Smash Shit Up"

5. "Sunshine Highway"

6. "The Bonny" (Gerry Cinnamon cover)

7. "Sandlot"

8. "Tessie"

9. "Jimmy Collins' Wake"

10. "The Fighting 69th"

11. "The Walking Dead"

12. "4-15-13"

13. "Rebels with a Cause"

14. "Prisoner's Song"

15. "The Warrior's Code"

16. "The Auld Triangle" (Brendan Behan cover)

17. "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" (Johnny Thunders cover)

18. "Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding"

19. "Queen of Suffolk County"

20. "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya"

21. "Amazing Grace" (John Newton cover)

22. "(F)lannigan's Ball"

23. "Out of Our Heads"

24. "Dirty Water" (The Standells cover)

25. "Rose Tattoo" (w/ Springsteen!)

26. "American Land" (Bruce Springsteen cover) (w/ Springsteen!)

27. "I'm Shipping Up to Boston"

28. "Until the Next Time"

Of course, it’s not the first pandemic stream the boys have done. Their usual St.Paddy’s Day show was cancelled, so they took it online, instead. 

If you missed out on the band’s Fenway show, but still wanna support, there’s merch for that, too.



And yes, that was a new song you caught before the show started!